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Pastor Tony Shirley was born and raised in Green County, Kentucky. It was in this small town, in a little country church, Allendale Baptist Churshirley family 027ch, that Bro.Tony was saved and started his service for the Lord. He served as church pianist and youth choir director at Allendale Baptist for several years before coming to New Manna Baptist Church.


Bro. Tony moved to Marion, North Carolina in 1995 after graduating from Western Kentucky University to teach in our Christian School during its first year. It was also at this time that he met and married his wife Rebecca. They have served the Lord and our church together ever since. In that time, God has blessed the Shirleys with a daughter, Karsen Rene', and a son, Anthony Kooper.


Since coming to New Manna, Pastor Shirley has served as School Teacher, Administrator, Sunday School Teacher, Bus Captain, and Youth Pastor. God continually promoted Bro. Tony, until in January 2004 the church called him to be their pastor with a nearly unanimous vote. Bro. Tony has been our Pastor, preacher, and friend; and we are very excited to see how the Lord is going to use him in the upcoming years.