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Sunday School

We have Sunday school every week for every age group where people can learn about God and how He wants us to live our lives.  The Sunday school program is a vital teaching arm of the Church and it gives us a great place to fellowship and to serve with other believers.


There are classes for all age groups available and also special classes geared towards specific phases of our Christian lives.  We welcome you to all our classes and look forward to meeting you there and learning and growing together.

Adult Classes

We have three different classes that our adults can attend on Sunday morning:

  • Auditorium class – meets in the church auditorium (10:00am)

Class leaders – Keith Dale, Joey Beam


  • The Producers class – meets in the school cafeteria (10:00am)

Class leaders – Matt McDaniel, David Cable


  • The Pathfinders – meets in the balcony of the gymnasium (10:00am)

Class leader – Roy Rodriguez


Producers has a warm and friendly atmosphere where you’ll feel at home and develop lasting friendship. Our desire for everyone who attends this class is that they are strengthened in their relationship with the Lord, challenged to get more involved in the work of our ministries, and equipped with a greater knowledge of the Word of God. We want to motivate you to be a Productive Christian! Here is what you’ll find in the Producers class:


  • An exciting spirit within our class

  • An opportunity to develop new friendships during class times and scheduled activities

  • Spirit-filled singing and Bible teaching


The opportunity to participate in our class will be part of the reason you'll look forward to being in God's house each week. Come visit us this Sunday!

Class details:

- Teacher: Matt McDaniel

- Assistant: David Cable

- Life stage: Single/married adults

- Time: 10:00-10:45

- Location: cafeteria of New Manna Christian School


New Manna Baptist Church is a family. There are many challenges that are out there at different stages of life. For this reason New Manna Baptist Church started its secondPathfinder logo 2011 Adult Bible Class, Pathfinders. The class was founded June 26, 2010. Since that time the class has come to average 25-30 people per week. Have you ever felt like you are standing at a crossroads in your life and did not know which road to take? Don’t fret because we all have been there. Come join us in the Pathfinders Sunday School Class and let God help you Find your Path in this life.


Roy Rodriguez is the teacher of Pathfinders and his wife is Michelle Rodriguez. He is a graduate of Champion Baptist College. They have given their life to the service of others and will help in any way possible.


If you are interested in joining the class please contact them at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Weekly Meeting


Sunday, 10:00 a.m.




New Manna Christian School gymnasium

Special Citizens

We have a group of over 50 special needs adults that meet for Sunday school in the Lobby of the New Manna Christian School every week.

Class leaders – Nick Kelly, Sam Burleson, Pauletta Burleson, Carol Lister, and Lynn Tomlinson.


Our teens meet in the new addition room right above the nursery at 10:00am. The separate young men's and young ladies' class are designed to give teenagers Biblical direction as they try to handle the many pressures they face.

Leaders of the Teen boys: Jason Garner, Josh Jarrett

Leaders of the Teen girls: Teresa Krause, Louann Styles, Trisha Garner


Here, your children can grow closer to God through participating in a small class with the same leader every week. Our system promotes an environment where kids can build relationships with their teachers and other children as they study God’s Word together and what it means to their lives. Our teachers are serious about having fun with kids and passionate about teaching the TRUTH.  They want the children in their class to see how God's Word fits into their lives, to learn how to talk to Him, and to build friendships that will last.


Room # 101

(10:00am) 2-3 yr old boys and girls


Room # 102

(10:00am) 4 yr old boys and girls

(11:00am) 5-6 yr old boys (bus riders)

Room # 103

 (10:00am) 7-9 yr old boys

(11:00am) 10-12 yr old boys (bus riders)


Room # 104

(10:00am) 11-12 yr old girls


Room # 105

(10:00am) 3-4 yr old boys and girls (bus riders)

(11:00am) 3-4 yr old boys and girls (bus riders)


Room # 106

(10:00am) 9-10 yr old girls


Room # 107

(10:00am) 7-8 yr old girls

(11:00am) 5-6 yr old girls (bus riders)


Room # 108

(10:00am) 5-6 yr old boys and girls (bus riders)

(11:00am) 7-9 yr old boys (bus riders)


Room # 109

(10:00am) 5-6 yr old boys and girls